Eyebrow Slits for Men: A Guide to the History, Meaning and Styles

Eyebrow Slits
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When you look at someone’s eyebrows, do you see a thin, vertical line? If so, you’ve seen one of the most talked-about and daring men’s style trends: eyebrow slits. Slitting your eyebrows is a way to express your individuality and give your appearance a unique touch. But what does this fad actually mean and how can you pull it off? All of these questions and more will be addressed in the following blog post. Here’s what we’ll talk about:

  • History of eyebrow slits
  • Meaning of eyebrow slits
  • Styles of eyebrow slits
  • How to get eyebrow slits
  • How to maintain eyebrow slits

History of Eyebrow Slits

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The slitting of one’s eyebrows is a fashion trend with deep roots in hip-hop culture dating back to the ’80s and ’90s. Rapper MC Big Daddy Kane, famed for his silky flow and dapper aesthetic, was an early and influential adopter of the eyebrow slit. He made a slash over his left eyebrow to distinguish himself from other artists. He also influenced a large number of other rappers and hip-hop listeners.

  • However, eyebrow slits were used for more than just style. They signified membership in a particular gang and had additional significance beyond this. Eyebrow slits were employed by some gangs as a form of self-identification and territorial marking. Some members of the Bloods gang would shave two slits into their right eyebrow, whereas members of the Crips gang would cut three slashes into their left eyebrow.
  • Once a common cosmetic procedure, eyebrow slits fell out of favour for a spell before making a comeback owing to the endorsement of celebrities and beauty bloggers. Jason Momoa, Zayn Malik, Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, and more have all sported split eyebrows on their iconic features.
  • Meaning of Eyebrow Slits
  • Slits in the eyebrows do not merely happen when the hair is cut carelessly. They are a means to show off one’s character and individuality on purpose. Depending on their number, placement, and shape, the slits in someone’s eyebrows can signal a wide range of emotions. Some possible interpretations of eyebrow slits are as follows:
  • Eyebrow slits can signal that you are a free spirit that enjoys trying new things with their appearance. You have no fear of taking risks or being yourself in unorthodox ways.
  • Eyebrow slits can be a statement about your individuality and your willingness to be different from the norm. You are not scared to question established conventions and policies.
  • Slitting your eyebrows can be a symbol of your independence and your willingness to go against the norm. You have no problem standing up for what you think is right.
  • Eyebrow slits can signal that you’re an original thinker who enjoys standing out from the crowd. You have no problem being who you truly are and proudly embracing your differences.
  • Slits in the eyebrows can also imply other things besides what I’ve listed above. Your eyebrow slits can have any significance you give them, depending on your own tastes and life experiences. It is crucial that you have faith and assurance in your decision.
  • Styles of Eyebrow Slits
  • Depending on your face type, brow shape, hair texture, and intended overall appearance, you can style your eyebrow slits in a variety of ways. Try one of these typical and trendy variations on the eyebrow slit for men:
  • One of the easiest and classiest ways to shave your eyebrows is with a single slit. Shaving a small line at a slanted angle at the end of your brow is the key. This is a great way to test the waters of the trend without going completely over the top. It complements any brow and facial structure.
  • An alternative classic eyebrow slit style, the double slit, is a step up from the single slit. Two parallel, thin lines are shaved into the skin at the end of the brow. This cut is ideal for those who want to make a fashion statement without going over the top. It complements any brow and facial structure.
  • Triple slit: If you want to show that you’re not afraid to take risks, use this daring and bold variation on the slit eyebrow. Shaving three tiny lines at right angles to one another near the end of your brow does this. If you really want to make an impact, this is the look for you. It complements any brow and facial structure.
  • Eyebrow slits in the middle, or a “middle slit,” are a distinct and striking style that draws focus to the centre of your face. Shaving a line down the centre of your brow is the first step. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, this is the look for you. It can also be used to disguise or draw attention to a scar or brow crease.
  • The broad slit is a more extreme form of the brow slit, creating a stark contrast between the brow and the skin. It consists of shaving a thick, diagonal line across the tail of your brow. Those who prefer to “go for broke” will appreciate this aesthetic. It can also help those with thick or unbalanced brows by thinning them out.

How to Get Eyebrow Slits

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Getting eyebrow slits can be done in a variety of ways, each with its own pros and cons related to cost, comfort, risk, and final product satisfaction. Common techniques for creating slits in the eyebrows include:

  • Getting slits in your eyebrows is best done by a professional like a barber, hairstylist, or beauty salon technician. Because of their expertise, resources, and experience, you can rest assured that the job will be done properly and to your satisfaction. You can get advice from them on what kind of look will complement your features and how to keep it looking good. During a pandemic, however, this choice may be prohibitively expensive, inconvenient, or unavailable.
  • You can also get brow slits by cutting them yourself with a razor or an electric trimmer at home, which is another option. You may do it at your convenience, anytime and wherever you like, saving both time and money. You can play around with various aesthetic choices and see what works best for you. However, there is always the chance of making a mistake, getting hurt, or ruining your brows if you go this route.
  • cosmetics: a third option for achieving the shaved-brow look is to apply cosmetics to simulate the effect. Makeup remover makes it easy to undo the look and prevent any lasting harm, suffering, or regret. Alter your appearance whenever you choose by experimenting with new hues and finishes. This choice, however, may look less natural, stand out, and last throughout the day due to fading, smudging, or rubbing off.

Here are some detailed tips on how to shave your eyebrows or trim them with an electric trimmer at home.

  1. First, comb your brows with a spoolie brush in the direction of their natural development.
  2. The next step is to place two pieces of tape over your brow to indicate where the slit will be made. Make sure the tape runs in a straight line and completely covers the area you intend to cut.
  3. Then, clip the hair between the pieces of tape with a trimmer that has a guard attachment or a facial razor. Cutting too deeply or too widely is easy to do, so take your time and be careful.
  4. At last, you can take off the remnants of the tape and appreciate your new eyebrow slit. To avoid infection, wipe the area down with an alcohol-soaked cotton pad.

For your own safety, please read the following before obtaining eyebrow slits:

  • Always use a freshly cleaned and sharpened razor or trimmer.
  • Do not allow anyone else to use your razor or trimmer.
  • When shaving, take your time and avoid applying too much pressure.
  • If you have any cuts, lumps, or moles, avoid shaving them.
  • If you have brow jewellery or piercings, don’t shave over them.

How to Maintain Eyebrow Slits

Men's Eyebrow Shaping Services in Calgary | Lavoom Salon

Slits between the brows are not a passing fad. To keep things looking neat and tidy, constant upkeep is essential. Your eyebrow slits may need to be redone every two to six weeks, depending on how quickly your eyebrow hair grows. You can keep your eyebrow slits looking fresh by following these guidelines:

  • Comb your brows with a spoolie brush in the direction of their growth. You can more easily observe the contours of your slits and eliminate any stray hairs if you do this.
  • Shave the hair gently between the slits using a facial razor or electric trimmer fitted with a protection. Cutting too deeply or too widely is easy to do, so take your time and be careful. You can also use bits of tape to demarcate the spot where the cuts will be made.
  • To prevent infection, wipe the area down with some cloth dipped in alcohol. Aloe vera gel or a moisturiser can also be applied to the skin for similar effects.
  • Avoid removing eyebrow hair by plucking, waxing, or threading because doing so might harm hair follicles and hasten hair loss. You can use a pair of scissors or a razor to get rid of any stray hairs that have found their way past the slits.
  • Do not irritate the skin by rubbing, scratching, or picking at the space between your eyebrows; doing so can lead to scarring and infection.

However, there are potential problems associated with eyebrow slits. Having eyebrow slits may present certain difficulties or drawbacks, including:

  • Negative attention: Eyebrow slits are a daring fashion statement that might draw unwanted attention. Your personal style will attract the attention of both admirers and critics. People close to you, those you work with, and even total strangers may be curious about your situation.
  • A minority of people, especially those from different cultures or religions, may have strong negative reactions to the appearance of an eyebrow slit. For instance, if you have slits in your eyebrows, some people may mistake that for participation in a gang and view you as an adversary or threat. Some companies, schools, or institutions may discriminate against you because of the way you dress.
  • Eyebrow slits may also be associated with negative preconceptions that could have an impact on one’s public persona. For instance, having eyebrow slits may give the impression that you are rebellious, belligerent, immature, reckless, or unprofessional. Your eyebrow slits could make dating, relationships, and social interactions more of a hardship for you.

Here are several options to consider if you ever feel the need to conceal your eyebrow slits, whether it be for a special occasion, a job interview, a family gathering, or simply out of personal preference:

  • Filling in the gaps with cosmetics is one of the simplest and most effective techniques to disguise thinning eyebrows. You can fill in the gaps with a small brush and an eyebrow pencil, powder, gel, or pomade that matches your natural brow colour. Concealer and setting powder can help smooth out the edges and provide a more natural look.
  • You can also cover up eyebrow gaps by sticking the hair over the gaps together using hair gel. Use your fingers or a spoolie brush to spread a small amount of hair gel across the slits. If you want it to stay in place for longer, you can also add hair spray.
  • Wearing a hat is a third option for concealing your eyebrow slits. You can accessorise your look with a variety of hats, including caps, beanies, fedoras, and berets. You can also play around with the hat’s orientation to find the optimal fit for concealing your slits.


We hope this post about the significance, origin, and current popularity of male eyebrow slits has been informative. Slits in the eyebrows are a modern and edgy fashion statement. Not everyone will enjoy them, but those who are open to giving them a shot might explore new avenues of expression and creativity.

This blog post will provide information and tips for dealing with eyebrow slits if you have any questions or concerns. Professional barbers, hairstylists, and cosmeticians are also available for consultation.

You can go to a beauty salon or do it yourself to experiment with eyebrow slits and other designs. You can also leave a comment below to share your thoughts or experiences on eyebrow slits.

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