The best products and tools to use for a number 8 on top haircut

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The classic number 8 on top is a low-maintenance option that flatters a wide range of facial profiles. Get this look by using a clipper with a number 8 guard to shorten or fade the hair on the sides and back of your head and leaving the hair on top of your head at its natural length, generally around an inch. A classic men’s haircut, the number 8 on top looks great in business or formal situations. We’ll go through the pros and cons of the best goods and tools for achieving and maintaining a coveted ace position. After reading this article, you will have a better idea of what supplies you will need and how to utilise them correctly and safely.

Number 8 Haircut: Striking Styles to Look Stupendous

Product 1: Hair clipper

To achieve the “number 8 on top” look, a hair clipper is required. Electrical shears with detachable blades or combs for precise hair styling. The hair on top of your head should be about an inch long for a number 8 on top haircut, and a hair clipper with a number 8 guard attachment will help you achieve the desired length. The standard 8-on-top haircut can be achieved with the right hair clipper and the following instructions:

  • You should pick a clipper that is both effective and easy to use. Try to get a clipper that can trim your hair without snagging or yanking it. Finding a hair clipper that is long-lasting is important, but so is finding one that is easy to use and doesn’t hurt your hand.
  • A hair clipper with detachable guard attachments is ideal for cutting a fade or taper on the sides and back of the head. You can experiment with various lengths and fades by switching out the guard attachments for your number 8 on top.
  • If you want to cut your own hair, invest in a clipper that has either a lengthy cord or a rechargeable battery. A cordless or long-corded hair clipper eliminates the need to constantly unplug the instrument.
  • The best hair clipper is one that is regularly sharpened, oiled, and serviced. Make sure the hair clipper is clean of any hair or grease before each usage. The blades should be sharpened and lubricated regularly to prevent overheating, rusting, and dulling.

When using a clipper, be sure to trim your hair properly.Cleaning and drying your hair thoroughly is the first step in giving yourself a number 8 on top haircut using a hair clipper. Start up your hair clipper and insert the No. 8 guard. The blade of the hair clipper should be held at a right angle to the scalp. Long, even strokes in the direction your hair grows out of the top of your head are the most effective when using a hair clipper. Carry on until your entire scalp is covered in the mixture. You can achieve a tapered haircut by starting at the bottom with a lower guard attachment and working your way to the crown.

Military high and tight haircut

Getting your “number 8 on top” haircut with a clipper has many advantages, including:

  • DIY haircuts are a great way to save both time and money.
  • The length and style of your haircut are now more in your hands.
  • You can get a clean shave right down the middle of your head.

The difficulties of getting a “number 8 on top” haircut using a clipper are:

  • Using a hair clipper proficiently may take some time and effort to master.
  • If you want to sever the back of your head, you might require assistance from another person.
  • Your hair clipper could benefit from regular servicing and cleaning.

Product 2: Hair comb

An additional tool for the 8 on top haircut is a hair comb. The teeth or prongs of a hair comb are used to part, arrange, and style hair. You should use a hair comb before and after you use a hair clipper to create the desired number 8 on top haircut. How to choose and use a hair comb for the number 8 on top haircut is discussed below.

Pick a comb that works for your hair’s texture and length. A good hair comb should be smooth and gentle enough to run through your hair without snagging or pulling. You should also look for a comb that can glide through your hair easily and not get caught on any of the strands.

If you have thick or wavy hair, it is best to use a comb with wide or medium teeth. Detangling and smoothing your hair without pulling or snagging it is possible with a comb that has wide or medium teeth. They can give your number 8 on top hairstyle some much-needed body and texture.

Pick a comb made of wood, horn, or metal if you’re looking for something durable and long-lasting to use on your hair. Static, frizz, and split ends are all detrimental to your hair’s appearance and health, but may be avoided by using products made from natural or high-quality components. Additionally, they may be more durable and user-friendly.

Make effective use of a hair comb. Start by washing and drying your hair completely before you even think of picking up a hair comb for the number 8 on top haircut. The next step is to use the comb to smooth and detangle your hair, beginning at the ends and working your way up to the scalp. Make a horizontal or vertical portion in your hair using the comb. Create some volume and texture by using the hair comb to lift and fluff the hair on top of your head. The hair comb can also be used to smooth the hair back or to the side to provide definition and style.

Using a hair comb to style your number 8 on top hairstyle has many advantages.

  • Your hair can be prepared and styled in a short amount of time.
  • The number 8 on top hairstyle is versatile and may be styled in a variety of ways to achieve various effects.
  • Your hair’s health and look are both within your reach.

Using a hair comb to get a number 8 on top haircut presents a few difficulties, including:

  • Depending on the state of your hair, you may need to make certain adjustments to your comb.
  • Maintaining a clean hair comb can prevent buildup of oil, debris, and styling products.
  • If your hair comb breaks or becomes worn out, you may need to acquire a new one.

Product 3: Hair gel or wax

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Third, you can use hair gel or wax with any 8-on-top haircut. Hair gel or wax is a type of styling product used to give hair more grip and lustre. After utilising a clipper and a comb, you’ll want to add some finishing touches to your number 8 on top haircut with some hair gel or wax. To help you get the right hair gel or wax for your number 8 on top hairstyle, consider the following:

Make sure the hair gel or wax you pick complements your hair and style goals. The ideal product for a number 8 on top haircut would provide adequate grip and shine without making the hair stiff or oily. A hair gel or wax that works well with the texture and style of a number 8 on top haircut is also recommended.

Get a hair gel or wax that uses high-quality components like jojoba oil, aloe vera, and beeswax. You can nourish and protect your hair from damage and irritation by utilising products with natural or high-quality components. In addition, they can help you appear more radiant and healthier.

Pick a spray, cream, or paste instead of a hard to work with wax or gel. Time and effort spent on styling and cleaning your number 8 on top haircut can be minimised with the use of simple, quick-acting tools. They can also keep your scalp and hair free of residue and flaking.

Applying hair gel or wax properly is essential. Start by washing and drying your hair well before using any gel or wax for a number 8 on top haircut. Then, scoop out a modest amount and work it in between your palms until it’s nice and pliable. Start at the roots and work your way outwards to the ends as you apply the product to your wet or dry hair.

You may shape and style your new number 8 on top haircut with your fingers or a comb. You may always add extra product if you feel it’s necessary, but remember that using too much will cause your hair to get heavy and clumpy.

An 8 on top haircut enhanced by hair gel or wax offers these advantages:

  • Your number 8 on top haircut will look more put-together and appealing with the addition of hold and shine.
  • You can make your dynamic and lifelike 8-on-top haircut even better by adding volume and texture to the top.
  • The number 8 on top hairstyle is adaptable and enjoyable since you can try out a variety of styles and effects to see which ones you like best.
  • Using a hair gel or wax to achieve a number 8 on top haircut presents the following difficulties:
  • Depending on your style and the occasion, you may need to experiment with different amounts of hold and shine for your number 8 on top haircut.
  • Depending on your hair’s condition and length, you may need to experiment with different amounts and types of product when styling your number 8 on top.
  • Your hair and scalp may get dry and damaged if you have to wash them more frequently to remove the product.


In conclusion, a hair clipper, a hair comb, and some hair gel or wax are the ideal items and instruments to utilise for a number 8 on top haircut. You may increase the health and appearance of your hair and accomplish the number 8 on top haircut with the help of these products and tools. There are benefits and drawbacks to using these items and resources that you should weigh carefully. Therefore, you should look into and experiment with various products and tools to determine what works best for your number 8 on top hairstyle.

You can go to the websites or get in touch with customer service for the companies whose products and tools are discussed in this article if you’re interested in purchasing them or learning more about them. Other customers and professionals who have used the goods and tools for the number 8 on top haircut may be contacted for testimonials or reviews. Our goal in writing this post was to provide you with as much information as possible about getting a number 8 on top haircut.

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