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Spudshed Morley
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As the largest store in the Spudshed supermarket chain, Spudshed Morley offers Perth shoppers an abundance of fresh groceries, specialty items, and general merchandise all under one roof. Known for rock-bottom prices, the massive store located in Perth’s northern suburbs aims to make grocery runs faster, more affordable, and simpler.

For tips to shop Spudshed Morley like a pro, read our guide below covering everything from store layout to top departments to insider savings hacks. Get ready to uncover shortcuts to save time and money on your next Spudshed trip!

Spudshed Morley

Getting Oriented With the Store Layout

With its enormous size housing everything from garden tools to frozen foods, navigating Spudshed Morley can seem daunting for first-timers. Here’s an overview of the store’s key sections so you can zero in on items efficiently:

  • Produce – Fresh fruits, vegetables and salad bar at the front of the store
  • Deli – Freshly prepared salads, meats, cheeses around the produce
  • Bakery – Breads, cakes located on the left side
  • Frozen foods – Line the side and back walls
  • General merchandise – Home, clothing, seasonal items in center aisles
  • Checkouts – 30+ checkouts for quick payment

Following aisle signage and asking staff will orient you quickly. You’ll be zipping up and down the aisles gathering groceries like a pro.

Best Deals in the Clearance Section

Before doing your regular grocery run, check out the clearance section located at the back left of the store. Here you’ll uncover major savings on:

  • Short-dated deli items nearing expiration like fresh meat, salads, and ready meals
  • Discontinued or excess general merchandise like homewares and clothes
  • Seasonal items like holiday decor after the season wraps up
  • Freight damage goods with minor packaging imperfections

Shop the clearance section first to cherry pick heavily discounted items. You may just score some unbelievable deals!

Best Bet Produce for Freshness

Given the massive store volume, produce at Spudshed turns over quickly ensuring you get the freshest fruits and veggies. Go for:

  • In-season produce – Pick up in-season finds like mangoes, strawberries, and zucchini at their flavor peak.
  • Salad greens and herbs – The constant turnover means crisp, fresh greens and herbs.
  • Potatoes and onions – Stdapy spuds and onions keep for weeks, so stock up.
  • Weekly ad specials – Load up on featured discounted produce like avocados, tomatoes, or carrots.

With so many mouths to feed, Morley’s produce stays well-stocked and fresh daily.

Spudshed Morley

Buy Deli Items in Bulk

Hit the expansive deli section when you want to grab proteins, sides, salads, and ready-to-eat items in bulk for big savings. Great deli picks include:

  • Private label prepped produce – Bags of pre-cut veggie sticks, salad mixes, and sliced fruit
  • Deli salads – Potato salad, coleslaw, and pasta salads sold by the tub
  • Pre-marinated proteins – Marinated chicken fillets, steak, pork chops, and more
  • Bulk cold cuts and cheese – Create your own meat and cheese boards
  • Ready meals – Heat and eat dishes like curries, pastas, and pies

Shop deli when you need party platters, weekly lunch ingredients, or heat and eat dinners on a budget.

Best Bet Bakery Breads and Cakes

Nothing completes a meal like a fresh bakery item. Pick up:

  • Freshly baked bread – Shop early for the best selection of loaves.
  • Bread rolls and buns – Great for burgers and sandwiches at just $2.99/half dozen
  • Bakery cakes – Grab whole cakes for birthdays or events starting at just $12.

With in-store bakeries churning out thousands of loaves, rolls, and cakes daily, you’ll score freshly baked goods to enjoy that day.

Grocery and Household Essentials For Less

Fill your trolley with pantry and household basics at a steal thanks to Spudshed’s bulk buying power. Well-priced essentials include:

  • Tinned food – Puy lentils 29c, tuna 69c, beetroot 59c
  • Sauces and condiments – Tomato sauce 99c, mayo $1.49
  • Flours and grains – Plain flour $1.19/2kg, rice $1.99/2kg
  • Sugars and oils – White sugar $1.49/2kg, cooking oil 2L $3.49
  • Cleaning supplies – $1 dish liquid, $2.49 laundry powder

Stocking the pantry is wallet-friendly when sticking to Spudshed for your grocery basics.

Take Advantage of Weekly Catalogue Specials

Don’t shop Spudshed without first consulting the weekly ad catalogue, either online or available in-store. It contains major markdowns across all departments running for that week.

Some hot weekly deals include:

  • Half price fresh seafood like whole Tasmanian salmon
  • $1 deals on packs of bacon, sausages, eggs and bread
  • Half price toys, furniture, kitchenware, and clothes
  • 99 cent 2L soft drink bottles

Planning your list around current catalogue deals maximizes your savings on the weekly essentials.

Spudshed Morley

Avoid Long Lines with Self Checkout

With its thousands of daily customers, long queues can form at Morley’s checkouts at peak times. Skip the wait by heading to the self-serve checkouts along the front of the store.

There are 30+ self checkout stands taking cash, card, and smartphone payments. Self checkout is speedy for those with just a handful of items. For bigger shops, scanning as you go saves on time unloading and packing at the end.

Location and Opening Hours

Spudshed Morley is located centrally on Russell Street just off the Tonkin Highway and Collier Road in Morley, Perth. The store is open 7 days a week:

Monday to Saturday: 8am – 9pm Sunday: 11am – 5pm Public Holidays: 8am – 6pm

Remember to take your own reusable shopping bags or purchase a cheap recycled box for life. With these shopping strategies in hand, you can master the massive store like a pro. Happy Spudshed savings!

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