Where to Find the Best Pickles in Tullamarine

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Pickle lovers, rejoice! The Tullamarine area offers plenty of places to get your tangy, crunchy pickled vegetable fix. From delis with huge pickle barrels to stores stocked with global pickle varieties, you’re sure to find a new go-to spot to satisfy all your pickle cravings.

Here is the rundown on where to find the best pickles in Tullamarine.

Tullamarine Deli

For old-fashioned full-sour kosher dill pickles, look no further than Tullamarine Deli. This family-owned deli sells pickles by the pound or piece. Choose from crunchy full sours, half sours, fresh garlic pickles, and other brined favorites.

Stand in line to grab your items from the huge pickle and olive barrels up front. Try samples before you buy. Pair your pickles with one of their loaded sandwiches on homemade rye bread. Their open layout allows you to watch them hand-slice meats and cheeses to order.

With a wide array of imported foods and an old-school vibe, Tullamarine Deli is a must-visit for authentic deli pickles.


The Gherkin Hut

For an extensive pickle selection, check out specialty shop The Gherkin Hut. This “pickle paradise” sells over 50 types of pickles and pickled items.

Try unique flavors like pickled pineapple, pickled garlic, pickled okra, and more. They also offer pickled vegetables beyond just cucumbers – think cauliflower, green beans, carrots, peppers and more. You’ll even find pickled eggs, sausages, and condiments like sauerkraut.

The Gherkin Hut allows you to sample before buying so you can find new pickle loves. Stop by this pickle specialist to explore flavors you won’t find anywhere else.

Tullamarine Sunday Market

Don’t miss the Tullamarine Sunday Market for fresh, locally-made pickles and pickle products.

Local vendors sell pickled treats like:

  • Spicy dill pickles
  • Lime chili cucumber pickles
  • Pickled red onions
  • Mixed vegetable pickles
  • Pickled cauliflower
  • Beet and carrot pickles
  • Relishes and chutneys

The rotating vendors mean new items each week. Bring home a taste of locally pickled produce from this weekly market.

Melville’s Fine Foods

For gourmet pickle gift packs, Melville’s Fine Foods hits the spot. This upscale gourmet shop offers artisanal pickled goods packed in pretty jars or gift boxes.

Some gift ideas include:

  • Pickle lover’s crate with 3 jars of pickles, pickle chips, and other accoutrements
  • International pickle sampler with pickles from around the world
  • Pickle of the month subscription – new pickles shipped each month
  • DIY pickle making kit with spices, recipes and supplies
  • Flavored pickle collections like spicy pickles or garlic pickles
  • Pickle gift baskets paired with crackers, cheeses, and spreads

With their curated pickle assortment in giftable packaging, Melville’s makes the perfect pickle gift.


The Corner Deli Cafe

The Corner Deli Cafe offers great bang for your buck on pickles. This affordable cafe sells their housemade pickles by the pound or jar.

Favorites include:

  • Half sour dill pickles
  • Spicy garlic dill pickles
  • Bread and butter pickles
  • Sweet gherkin pickles
  • Jalapeño pickles

You can try a sample before buying a whole batch. The Corner Deli Cafe provides fresh, tasty pickles for cheap pickle bliss.

International Markets

Tullamarine’s diverse array of international grocery stores provide unique imported pickles you won’t find elsewhere:

  • European delis – Pickled herring, sauerkraut, vegetables
  • Middle Eastern markets – Pickled turnips, mango, olive mixes
  • Asian stores – Pickled ginger, daikon radish, chillies
  • Indian markets – Pickled limes, green mangos, mixed veggie chaat
  • Mexican stores – Pickled nopales, carrots, jalapeños, onions

Expand your pickle palate by exploring the pickled items at specialty grocers around town.


Pickle Perfection in Tullamarine

From classic full sours to artisanal blended flavors, Tullamarine offers pickle perfection for all preferences. Next time a pickle craving strikes, visit one of these spots to explore new favorite pickled treats.

With this pickle guide in hand, you’ll never be far from fabulous pickles in Tullamarine again!

Frequently Asked Questions About Tullamarine Pickles

A. Purchasing Pickles

What is the best season for locally picked pickles?

The peak season for the freshest local pickles is summer through early fall when cucumbers and veggies are harvested.

Where can I find pickle gift packs or baskets?

Specialty food shops like Melville’s Fine Foods offer nicely packaged pickle gift boxes, crates, and monthly subscriptions.

What is the best way to keep pickles fresh at home?

Store freshly opened pickles in the refrigerator in the brine to maintain crispness. Consume within 2-3 months for best flavor.

B. About Pickles

What makes a pickle a “kosher” dill?

Kosher dills are brined in a saltwater solution and include garlic and dill per Jewish kosher food guidelines. No vinegar is used.

Are pickles good for you?

Yes! Pickles provide antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and gut-healthy probiotics. They can aid digestion. Just watch your sodium intake.

What’s the difference between a pickle and other pickled vegetables?

“Pickle” refers to pickled cucumbers. But you can pickle many veggies using a brine solution, like carrots, onions, eggs, etc.

With this local intel, you’re set to explore the best pickle purveyors Tullamarine has to offer. Get ready to crunch away on pickle nirvana!

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