Where is Steven Stayner’s wife at this moment?

Steven Stayner

Steven Stayner was a well-known kidnapping victim in the United States who was taken when he was a child but managed to escape after seven years.

On April 18, 1965, he was born to Delbert Stayner and Kay Stayner in Merced, California, in the United States.

Of his parents’ five children, he was the third. When Steven Stayner was just 7 years old, Kenneth Parnell, a child molester, kidnapping him in Merced, California, on December 4, 1972.

Was was taken hostage by the assailant in Mariposa County, California, which is located 38 miles (61 km) away, and he then relocated to Mendocino County, California.

On March 1, 1980, Steven Stayner, then 14 years old, and Timothy White, one of parnell’s victims, managed to flee.

Sadly, Steven lost his life on a motorcycle accident on September 16, 1989, in Merced, California, in the United States.

Who is Jody Edmondson, the spouse of Steven Stayner?

Jody Edmondson is best known as the spouse of Steven Stayner, an American abduction victim.

Following a year of dating, the two were married in June 1985. When Steven Stayner and Jody Edmondson were married, they were both 30 years old (Jody was 17 at the time).

Steven Stayner Jr. and Ashley Stayner, two children they were blessed with, were born.

How old is Jody Edmondson?

In October 1958, Jody Edmondson was conceived. When the show debuted in 2022, she would have been 63 years old.

Compared to her late spouse Steven Stayner, she is 7 years younger.

Job of Jody Edmondson

As previously indicated, Jody Edmondson is no longer employed. She formerly had a position at the Oregon State Department of Revenue as a Compliance Specialist 1.

She reportedly earned a salary of roughly $54,000 at the time.

Jody graduated from Valsetz High School in 1976.

Jody Edmondson remarried, right?

Yes, on August 16, 2008, Jody Edmondson wed Craig Gumm.

Craig, her second husband, is a retired CAGE tax and accounting expert from Lima, Ohio. He owned CAGE Inc. and had previously worked for Roseburg Forest Products.

Craig attended Lima Senior High School and then earned a degree from the University of Oregon.

Like Jody, Craig has two kids and a daughter from a previous marriage. Additionally, Craig’s first spouse died away in 2020.

Michael Gumm, Jody’s stepson, was happily married in 2022 and had two children. Kyle Gumm, a different stepson, resided in Salem, Oregon. Kaylia Gumm, her step-daughter, and her three children lived in Riddle, Oregon, where she worked at DR Johnson Lumber.

In May 2021, Craig Gumm will turn 57. He is therefore five years Jody’s junior.

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Frequent Questions and Answers

Where Is Jody Edmondson’s Current Residence?

Jody and her husband Craig were now residing in Sheridan, Oregon.

Jody Edmondson, does he use Instagram?

No, we weren’t able to locate her on Instagram. Her Facebook account is @jody.campos.7, however.

Does Jody Edmondson Have A Captive Audience On Hulu?

Jody is not featured on Hulu’s Captive Audience. However, both her son and daughter were in the documentary. Steven Jr. believed that his father was a hero since he rescued the life of another youngster.

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