Wesley Phillip Dirks | Biography and Net Worth in 2022

Wesley Phillip Dirks

Wesley Phillip Dirks is an American celebrity child whose parents are the surfer Bethany Hamilton and her husband Adam. Since his 2018 birth, he has been highlighted on her wildly famous Instagram account. Currently, he is two years old and his zodiac sign is Aries. Tobias’s mother is Bethany Hamilton, and his father is Adam Dirks. His mother is an accomplished surfer, while his father is a teacher. Tobias has a younger sibling with the same name.

The grandparents of his mother are Tom and Cheri Hamilton. Both of them are film producers. Noah and Timothy Hamilton are Tobias’ maternal uncles. Their family has Dutch-German origin, and Tobias is a citizen of the United States. People Magazine, Rip Curl, and The Today Show featured his birth.

Have You Heard these things?

What is Wesley Phillip Dirks’ age?

He will be four years old in 2022.

Who are the parents of Wesley Phillip Dirks?

He was born to his parents, Bethany and Adam Dirks.

Does Wesley Phillip Dirks have a significant other?

No, he is too young to be involved in a romantic relationship.

Career Overview of Wesley Phillip Dirks

In March of 2018, he initially appeared on his mother’s Instagram account on the day of his birth.

His mother, Bethany Hamilton, is a competitive surfer and legendary American public personality who came to prominence for continuing her surfing career after losing her left arm to a tiger shark at age thirteen. His mother appears with Ashley Judd in the 2014 family picture Dolphin Tale 2 alongside Judd.

She is an inspiration for many others. In 2003, she lost her left arm, yet she has not given up. She has authored twelve novels, among them Soul Surfer. In 2004, she also received the ESPY Award for Best Comeback Athlete and the Teen Choice Award for Courage.

Wesley Phillip Dirks’s wealth

Due to his youth, Wesley’s net worth is not documented. Currently, he is enjoying his youth as a star child. Regarding the financial worth of his family, his mother, Bethany Hamilton, has a net worth of around $2 million. To date, she has not disclosed her income.

Bethany’s income comes from surfing competitions, where she earns between $205,000 and $400,000 yearly. She has written works such as Soul Surfer, Devotions of the Soul Surfer, and Unstoppable Me. Consequently, this also affects her net worth. In addition to his father’s income, Adam earns nearly $60,000 each year as a teacher.

Wesley Phillip Dirks is married, yes. Marriage, Children, and Family

Wesley is currently a bachelor. Adam and Bethany were the only ones who leapt down a 40-foot cliff into the water, and later, they started hiking and surfing together. Adam was describing his parents’ relationship. At the suggestion of a mutual acquaintance, he phoned Bethany, and the two met with other friends on the beach.

After a series of events, they recognised that they needed to take things to the next level. Then, they wed on August 18, 2013, in the year 2013. Since their wedding, the couple has maintained an excellent connection.

The couple just welcomed a boy as their second child. Tobias is the name of their first child, who was born in June 2015. On March 27, Bethany gave birth to their child, whom they named Wesley Phillip Dirks.

Shark Attack

Bethany was attacked by a shark while surfing at Tunnels Beach in Ha’ena, Kauai. When she was 13 years old, she went surfing with her closest friend Alana Blanchard, as well as Blanchard’s father and brother. Bethany lost her left arm as a result of the assault by a 14-foot-long tiger shark.

Bethany felt a sudden, sharp pressure on her left arm and was yanked back and forth for a few seconds while resting on her board. It was before the storm subsided. Initially, she felt no discomfort, but she saw the reddening of the water surrounding her. Her astonished companions eventually noticed that her left arm had been cut almost to the shoulder.

The father of her closest friend fashioned a tourniquet from his surfboard leash and escorted everyone to safety. Bethany was taken to Wilcox Memorial Hospital. There, they removed her father, who was scheduled to have knee surgery, from the operating room.

When they got at the hospital, Bethany had lost 60 percent of her blood. Bethany was also in hypovolemic shock and required many procedures. Despite the life-threatening event with the shark, Bethany continued to enjoy surfing. She resumed surfing after a month’s break. Later, she continued her surfing competitions.

Wesley Phillip Dirks: Dimensions and Eye Color

There are no precise facts on his height, weight, and other bodily measurements. Additionally, he has gorgeous blue eyes and blonde hair.

Wesley Phillip Dirks’s participation in social media.

The little celebrity child does not have any social media profiles. Bethany has 54,600 YouTube followers on her channel. As of August 2022, her Instagram account under the identity @bethanyhamilton has over 2.1 million followers and 3922 posts. In addition, she joined Twitter in January 2010 and has gained over 1.3 million followers. In addition, she has a Facebook profile with more than 2,2 million followers.

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