Who is Whoopi Kelly’s Ex-husband Lyle Trachtenberg?

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Lyle Trachtenberg is an American actor who used to be married to Whoopi Goldberg. He was born on January 1, 1956, and is 66 years old. He is a well-known union leader with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), but he is best known as Whoopi Goldberg’s ex-husband.

Even though he tried to be an actor, the Californian never really made it big in that field. He is still a part of the IATSE and works as its organiser. He has a reputation for being difficult.

Even though Lyle was an actor and worked as an IATSE organiser, he didn’t become famous until he got married to Whoopi Goldberg, a world-famous actress who has won many awards. But their marriage, Whoopi’s third, didn’t last long.

Lyle Trachtenberg was born and raised in California.

Lyle Trachtenberg was born in Los Angeles, California, the movie capital of the United States, on January 1, 1956. This makes him an American citizen. There aren’t a lot of stories about his childhood on the Internet, but everyone knows that Lyle is the only child of his parents.

His father’s name has never been mentioned, but it is said that he was a theatre actor who made a living in the entertainment business. His mom, on the other hand, taught English at one of the high schools in the area.

Lyle’s father was a big reason why he chose to go into the entertainment business. The Californian’s dad, he says, inspired him to act, and he started shaping his life to go in that direction while he was in high school. He also played sports. Lyle played soccer and American football a lot when he was in high school.

Trachtenberg is a Bachelor’s Degree Holder

No one knows what high school Lyle Trachtenberg went to, but he was an active member of his school’s drama club. This is because he learned a lot from watching his dad perform at local theatres.

Lyle wanted to get more education, so in 1976 he went to the University of California, Los Angeles to study for a degree. He got his Bachelor of Arts in 1980. No one ever talked about what he did for a living.

His work for the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees

After Lyle Trachtenberg graduated from college, he took steps to join the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE). This is the group in the entertainment business that is like a labour union. Its job is to serve more than 100,000 craftspeople, technicians, and artisans who work in fields like television, heather, movies, and trade shows.

As he moved up the ranks, Lyle became a well-known and powerful organiser by the middle of the 1990s. IATSE’s troublemaking on the sets of many independent films brought him a lot of attention. Reports said that his actions caused a lot of directors and producers to lose a lot of money. He caused trouble for people like Allison Anders, who make independent movies.

In 1995, when Allison was making her movie Grace of My Heart, she ran into Lyle and some of his trouble-making friends in the second week. Allison was working with non-union crew members who had been working with Dan Hassid and Ruth Charny for a while when Trachtenberg showed up at lunchtime. Lyle didn’t care at all that he couldn’t get inside the catering truck as he stood outside and talked about the benefits of joining IATSE. IATSE had gained 25 new members by the end of lunch.

Talks got so tense that people started to talk about a makeshift strike. But in the end, they were able to start shooting again because the producers and the union members came to an agreement. This was just one of the many bad things that producers have had to deal with because of the powerful organiser. Many others also talked about their own bad experiences. Even though Lyle Trachtenberg has gotten a bad name as a member of IATSE, he is still an active member.

He has been on screen a few times.

Even though he wanted to be a big star in movies when he was young, Lyle Trachtenberg wasn’t very good at acting. In 1995, he made his first public appearance on The 21st Annual People’s Choice Award. The next year, the unionist was in From Dusk Till Dawn, an action-horror movie by Robert Rodriguez. He played himself in the movie, which also starred movie stars like Hervey Keitel, Juliette Lewis, and George Clooney.

The movie was written by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Kurtzman. It was about two criminals who held people hostage at a truck stop full of vampires. The movie was a big hit; it was up for 13 awards and won seven of them.

In the documentary movie Full Tilt Boogie, which came out in 1997, Trachtenberg played himself as an I.A.T.S.E. Union Organizer. This was all about how Dusk Till Dawn was made. The next year, he was cast as the Husky Guy in the comedy Beach Movie. This was his last role. The movie, which was written by John Quinn and starred Gabrielle Anwar and Alex DeBoe, was about a man who was afraid of losing what was most important to him—surfing and his girlfriend Sunny.

Lyle Trachtenberg has been thanked especially for a number of movies.

Over the years, Lyle Trachtenberg’s work on some projects has earned him a lot of praise. Girl Fever, which came out in 2002, gave him “special thanks” for being in the movie. Both Keeping Up with the Steins and My Name Is Doris earned him “special thanks” in 2015.

Other movies that gave him “special thanks” are All Sould Day: Dia de los Muertos, House of the Dead 2, Transylmania, 30 Nights of Paranormal Activity with the Devil Inside, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

He kept some of his childhood hobbies.

As was already said, when Trachtenberg was young, he wanted to be an actor and was also good at sports. Even though he liked sports, he never got good enough to play professionally, but he still likes to play tennis, golf, and basketball.

When he was in his 20s and 30s, he and the other unionists went to the gym every week for training sessions. Lyle did things at the gym to help him stay fit, but he also stuck to a strict diet to help him stay fit. He used to go to the gym every day, but something happened recently that made him stop.

The person in charge of IATSE is a guy who loves to travel. He has been to most of the U.S., but it was for work. He has also taken several vacations in Europe, staying in places like Dubrovnik, Croatia, and Thessaloniki, Greece.

How Did Lyle Trachtenberg Meet Whoopi Goldberg?

There isn’t a lot we know about how Whoopi Goldberg and Lyle Trachtenberg met and started dating, but we do know a few things. People say that the famous couple met in 1992, before Lyle began his acting career. Whoopi, on the other hand, was already a well-known actress at the time.

It was said that they met on the set of a movie whose name wasn’t given. Reports said that they started dating right away, and that they got married a few years later, in 1994.

Was Whoopi Goldberg Lyle Trachtenberg’s First Wife?

Records didn’t say anything about Lyle Trachtenberg’s relationships before he met Whoopi Goldberg, so it’s been assumed that the Sister’s Act actress was his first wife. Whoopi, on the other hand, had been divorced twice before she met Lyle.

The American actress, comedian, TV personality, and writer got married for the first time when she was 18 years old. She married Alvin Martin in 1973, and they were married for a few years. In 1979, after their daughter Alexandra Martin was born, they got a divorce.

The multiple-award winner got married again to David Claessen, a cinematographer. Their marriage started on September 1, 1986, and lasted until 1988, when they decided to end it.

How long did the marriage between Lyle Trachtenberg and Whoopi Goldberg last?

After dating for a few months, Lyle Trachtenberg and Whoopi got married on October 1, 1994. Details about their life as husband and wife were never made public, but their marriage only lasted a year before it fell apart in 1995.

Even though Lyle’s marriage to Goldberg didn’t last, it was clear that it helped him become famous. Today, the unionist is best known as the actress’s ex-husband, and millions of Whoopi’s fans want to learn more about him. But since the 13-time Emmy nominee failed in her third marriage to a hard-hitting blue-collar veteran, fans want to know why she keeps failing at marriage after marriage. Who is wrong? Goldberg or her ex-boyfriends?

The Reason Why They Split Up

The actress, who has won many awards, came up to talk about why her marriages didn’t work out. In an interview in January 2017, she admitted that she was the one who did it. The world-famous performer says that she wasn’t fully committed to any of her three marriages.

Whoopi finally realised that she was changing into something she wasn’t ready for, but it took a while. The actress never found it easy to feel the love that married people are supposed to feel, and she soon realised that she didn’t even want any of it. So, Goldberg put all the blame on herself and said that she was the common factor because she never loved any of her ex-boyfriends.

Whoopi also talked about how she does not love her ex-husbands and how she will always put her daughter Alex Martin first. She said this in a panel in September 2019, when she said that any man who comes into her life shouldn’t expect to be her top priority because Alex already is. Also, people think that her dedication has grown since she became a grandmother and then a great grandmother. The veteran actress joked that her would-be-spouse will probably end up as her ninth boyfriend or girlfriend now that it’s clear she doesn’t have time for a relationship.

Goldberg’s confession made all of her ex-boyfriends look good, especially Lyle Trachtenberg, whose relationship with her was the shortest. Their divorce proceedings were never made public, so it’s hard to know if they got along or not.

Does Lyle Trachtenberg and Whoopi Goldberg Have Children Together?

From what we can see, Lyle Trachtenberg and his ex-wife don’t have any children together, and since they were only married for a short time, the chances were very low that they would have. During their marriage, Lyle took on the role of step-father to the actress’s only child, Alexandrea “Alex” Martin, who is now an actress and producer in the movie business.

After his relationship with Goldberg ended, Lyle Trachtenberg married actress Adrianna Belan.

Everyone knows that Lyle Trachtenberg and Whoopi broke up in 1995, but nobody knows how long it took for the IATSE unionist to move on with his life. This is because Lyle never told the public about the details of his next wedding. Fans only found out that he is now married for the second time.

Adrianna Belan, the Canadian actress who used to be an actress and now works as a marketing director, is Lyle’s second wife. The couple already has two beautiful daughters, Natasha and Gabriella Trachtenberg. They live in Los Angeles at the moment.

The unionist had a much better experience with his second marriage than with his first. From what I can see, they have been together for a long time. The fact that the couple’s two daughters are getting close to being adults leads to this conclusion. They are a happy family of four people who have been seen out together more than once.

What We Know About Lyle Trachtenberg’s Current Wife Adrianna Belan

On her LinkedIn profile, Adrianna Belan says that she was an actress for a number of years, but that she is now the Director of Marketing at Timothy Cline Insurance.

Adriana was born in Canada. From 1992 to 1996, she went to the University of Western Ontario and got a Bachelor of Arts degree. Adrianna went to McGill University to get more education because she wanted to do well in school. In 1998, she got her last degree, this one in Public Relations Management.

In 1998, when she finished school, Lyle Trachtenberg’s wife went to work as a technical writer for Wolfsdorf Associates. She did this for four years. She also worked as a producer for 12 years before she got the job she has now at Timothy Cline Insurance. It’s not easy to become the Director of Marketing at a large insurance company, but Adrianna deserves the job because she has worked hard and long for it.

Having said that, we should also point out that the union representative’s wife used to work as an actress in movies. Room 6, Alpha Dog, and Mostly Ghostly are some of her most well-known works.

Questions and Answers About Whoopi Goldberg’s Ex-Husband

1. How long did the marriage between Lyle Trachtenberg and Whoopi Goldberg last?

Their marriage didn’t even last a year before things went wrong.

2. Was Whoopi Goldberg Lyle Trachtenberg’s First Wife?

Whoppi is thought to be Trachtenberg’s first wife because there is no record of him being married before.

3. How Long After Whoopi Goldberg Did Lyle Trachtenberg Remmary?

We don’t know how long it was before the IATSE union member moved on with his life because he didn’t talk about his next wedding.

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