How to clean eye glasses the right way


When it comes to cleaning your eye glasses, you want to be sure you do it properly so they don’t get scratched. We see a lot of strange things come into the clinic, and we want to make sure you’re taking care of your glasses so you don’t scratch or damage them.

Microfiber Fabric

Make sure you clean your glasses with a microfiber lens cloth. You can get these cloths when you buy your glasses; they’re usually in the case. You can also get them from your eye doctor or a local optical store. These clothes are great for cleaning your glasses, and you can even buy a big box of them in bulk online. Because they are made to pick up and remove dirt and grease from the lenses. If you use your shirt instead, you will just spread the grease on the lenses and push dust and dirt into the lenses, which can scratch and damage them permanently.

Cleaner glasses

Clean new glasses was some kind of eyeglass lens cleaner. There are many products like this that you can find online or in your local optical or eyeglasses store, but make sure you read the instructions on the back and make sure it’s safe to use with anti-reflective coatings. Most glasses will have anti-reflective coatings put on them so that they don’t shine as brightly when lights are on.

Use warm water

When the spray cleaner and lens cloth aren’t doing the trick because of skin oils, use dish soap. The best dish soap to use is the original Dawn dish soap. If you use something that says it’s for sensitive skin or has lotion in it, don’t use it. It will just stick to the lenses and make them look worse.

Try air under pressure

When you’re rinsing the lenses, make sure you use warm water and not scalding hot water, because hot water can actually damage the coatings on the lenses. Also, if you have hard water coming out of your tap, make sure you use distilled water to clean them, so you don’t get any extra mineral deposits on the lenses.

Take into Optical

If you don’t want water to dry in streaks on the lenses, you can use a can of compressed air to clean them. That way, you can get all the water off the lenses. It’s almost like putting the glasses through a car wash.

Stay away from chemicals

If your glasses are really dirty, the hinges will be stuck together. The nose pads around the edges of the lenses themselves, then just bring them to a local optical or glasses shop. There are special cleaning tools that will get rid of all of that dirt and dust. In fact, a nearby clinic has an ultrasonic cleaner that they can use to pop out the lenses, put them in the cleaner, turn it on, and after a few minutes, the lenses will be clean. It actually shakes and vibrates the lenses to get rid of dust and dirt in hard-to-reach places.

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