Not sure about food items that you can eat before exercising? Here are some tips for you

No matter if you are an athlete, sportsman, or someone who is starting training just to lose some weight, the food items that you eat before exercising can make a lot of difference.

According to researchers, your body may end up burning the same amount of fat no matter if you eat something before exercising or not. However, performing exercises empty stomach may cause muscle loss. This is possibly because body starts consuming proteins from muscles when hungry. Ultimately, you would find it difficult to achieve the results that you are looking for. So, if you wish to energize your workout, you need to eat the right food before heading to the gym.
Christine Rosenbloom is one of world’s most popular sports nutrition experts. She recently interacted with journalists from a renowned health portal and shared her suggestions on the same topic.
According to Rosenbloom, endurance and energy are necessary to get the best while exercising. Fluids, heart-healthy fats, lean protein, and quality carbs can prove to be ideal food items. When it comes to quick energy, items like vegetables, fruits, rice, pasta, cereals, and bread can offer instant power.
Eating food items rich in proteins will make sure that muscles get the necessary amount of oxygen and nutrients.
Rosenbloom urges people to eat something that their body can tolerate easily. Opt for items that have low fiber, a moderate amount of protein and carbs, low fat and a lot of fluid. Say NO to soft drinks, greasy burgers, and fried food items, especially french fries.
Christine Rosenbloom suggests that people should never try eating something new during a pregame meal.
Going out for exercise with empty stomach is not recommended
You can consider going out for a light jog or a brisk walk without eating anything. However, going out for intense exercise with an empty stomach is not at all recommended. If you do not wish to eat much, you can at least go for a cup of fruit juice, a banana, half a plain bagel or slice of toast and glass full of water before going out.
Why fluids?
Consuming fluids is essential to avoid dehydration. Body’s cooling system works on water, thus, it’s advisable to drink at least two cups of water before two hours from the time you start exercising.

Water may not prove to be enough for people who spend a lot of time in exercising. Individuals who plan to exercise for more than an hour should opt for sports drinks as well. Such drinks offer sodium and carbs along with vitamins, etc. This is extremely important for individuals who play football, soccer or other team sports under humid climatic conditions.
When it comes to choosing something to eat after exercising, most of the health experts recommend eating items that are full of proteins. People prefer protein shake, chocolate milk, or hard-boiled egg after coming back. But remember, more isn’t better!
Your Personal Trainer Toronto would be able to recommend the best possible food items after studying certain health factors.

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