Do You Really Need an iPhone Screen Protector?

Are you a proud owner of an iPhone? Since its launch, over 1.3 billion iPhones worldwide have already been sold.

It is a great investment to make, even if you have no intentions of using the phone plan that comes with it. If you are on a tight budget and prefer to buy used electronics, the Apple phone is a wise choice. They are durable, sleek, and easy to use.

That being said, protecting your investment is another thing you should think about. Is an iPhone screen protector necessary or superfluous?

Let’s take a look.

Prevent Screen Scratches

Screen protectors are placed on top of your phone’s screen. They act as a barrier between your phone and the things that might scratch it. They are made from a variety of materials, including tempered glass and plastic.

Tempered glass is made of harder, stronger glass that is designed to resist shattering. A plastic screen protector is made of thinner, more pliable plastic that is designed to absorb impact.

If you are careful with your phone and do not drop it off often, you may not require this extra layer of protection. But if you know you are not that cautious and attentive, having one is a good idea.

iPhone Screen Protector Reduces Glare

Glare can be a real pain, especially when you’re trying to enjoy your favorite apps or take pictures. By diffusing the light that hits the iPhone screen, the screen protector can help to reduce the amount of glare that is visible to the user. This can be especially helpful when using your phone outdoors or in brightly lit rooms.

You don’t have to worry about glare if you have a case that covers the screen. Or if you don’t use your iPhone in direct sunlight.

Protection From Harmful UV Rays

The iPhone’s Retina display is very susceptible to damage from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. A screen protector helps to block out UV rays, keeping your phone’s display looking newer for longer. It also protects your skin from the sun’s rays when you are using your device.

Exposure to UV rays can damage any gadgets. When it comes to phones, they can become hot, and deformed, and the battery drains, which can eventually result in costly cell phone repairs.

A good screen protector will not only filter out UV rays, but also blue light, which can also cause eye strain. This may not be needed most likely when you are indoors or in a dark environment.

The Choice is Yours to Make

No one enjoys dealing with a cracked screen, but is an iPhone screen protector really necessary? The answer may depend on how often you use your phone and how careless you are with it.

Some people are able to get by just fine without this while others find that the peace of mind it provides is worth the cost. Ultimately, the decision is up to you.

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