KFC Brings a Tangy Twist with New Orange Chicken

Orange Chicken
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Colonel Sanders is giving his iconic Original Recipe chicken an audacious makeover – introducing fiery Orange Chicken to the KFC menu!

Bursting with sweet and spicy citrus flavor in every juicy bite, this limited-time offering puts a tangy twist on the classic fried chicken experience customers crave. Keep reading as we break down everything you need to know about KFC’s bold new Orange Chicken creation that’s got spice lovers clucking excitedly!

kfc Orange Chicken

An Iconic Chicken – Remixed to Perfection

Love KFC’s signature 11 herbs and spices seasoned crispy fried chicken? Then you’re going to flip for the succulent texture and zesty flavors of the Orange Chicken. Each piece features:

  • The famous pressure-fried chicken KFC is renowned for
  • Craggy, crunch-tacular crust that Colonel Sanders perfected
  • Tender, juicy meat inside
  • Sweet and citrusy orange sauce for finger-lickin’ flavor
  • A tingle of chili and ginger heat (mild or hot sauce options too!)

It’s the cravable taste of KFC’s original fried chicken elevated with a sweet n’ spicy orange sauce that packs feel-good flavor into every crunchtastic bite.

Dishing the Deets on Orange Chicken

So how exactly does the Colonel’s team craft this audaciously-flavored fried fowl? Here are the fascinating need-to-know deets on KFC’s new signature Orange Chicken:

Twice the Crunch KFC chicken famously gets double-dipped into the flour dredge and pressure fried to perfection for an uber crispy crust. The orange chicken is then dipped again into a sweet, citrusy orange sauce for double the crunch!

Zesty Glaze  The signature orange sauce features bright sweet citrus flavor with aromatic ginger, savory garlic, a touch of chili spice and velvety orange juice concentrate to balance it out. Chef’s kiss!

Sauced to Order
Team members sauce up batches of the fried chicken in house frequently to ensure the crispy exterior soaks up maximum orange flavor to delight your tastebuds.

Serving Suggestions While finger-lickin’ good on its own, try it over rice or KFC’s crispy fries. Mixing up sauces like tangy Ranch or savory Gravy are highly encouraged too!

However you choose to customize your Orange Chicken meal, you’re guaranteed max crunch factor, juicy meat, and zingy citrus zest in every tasty bite.

Orange Chicken

Tasting KFC’s New Cravable Orange Chicken

Excited to get a taste of the audaciously-flavored new menu addition for yourself? Here’s what customers can expect from their first Orange Chicken experience:

Crisp-Exterior, Tender Interior

That audible crunch yielding to juicy, seasoning-infused chicken is a textural delight firing up tastebuds!

Sweet Citrus Burst Bittersweet orange juice concentrate married with brown sugar and savory Thai spices for a flavor rollercoaster ride.

Aromatic Notes  Inhale the ginger, garlic, coriander and chili undertones that round out irresistible orange flavor.

Savory Yet Bright  Perfect yin-yang balance of dark and white chicken meat with sticky glaze and zest.

Lip-Smacking Finish  Plenty of nooks and crannies in the craggy coating catch sticky sauce for a flavorful finale with each piece.

Mouth already watering for a taste? Us too! Let’s dig in, shall we?

Menu Offerings For Orange Chicken Lovers

Since everyone craves the Colonel’s special Chicken differently, KFC offers multiple Orange Chicken selections:

  • 2 Piece Meal
    • Ideal for sampling crispy fowl glazed in citrus sauce
    • Comes with your choice of side + buttery biscuit
  • 3 Piece Tender Meal
    • For those favoring juicy white meat
    • Tenders allow maximizing sweet ‘n spicy glaze per bite
  • Big Basket Meal
    • Perfect for mega KFC fans, groups + fam’s
    • 8 piece chicken, 2 large sides, 4 biscuits – sauced up!
  • A La Carte Options – Tendies, Wings, Breasts + More
    • Mix and match whatever chicken cuts and portions you fancy

Customize your meal further with various dipping sauce options mingling delightfully with zesty orange flavor. We’re smitten with Cool Ranch drizzled over our basket of saucy tenders!

Menu Hacks from Chicken Fanatics

Want to take your Orange Chicken experience over the top? Super fans recommend:

  • Extra Zesty – Order additional tangy orange sauce for dunking or drizzling more with each bite
  • Spice Alert  – Add a splash of KFC’s Smoky Mountain BBQ or Nashville Hot Sauce to turn up the heat
  • Carb Zone  – Upgrade to loaded mashed potatoes or Mac ‘n Cheese. Yes, using Orange Chicken to scoop is encouraged for max flavor!
  • Crunch It Up  – Sprinkle a few crumbled bacon bits over your sauced-up plate for irresistible texture contrasts
  • Think Outside Chicken – Slather extra orange sauce on biscuits, fries or KFC’s newer Chicken Sandwich for bonus flavor

However you choose to experience the new offering, the Orange Chicken delivers crunchy, juicy, finger-lickin’ satisfaction in vivid flavor technicolor.

kfc Orange Chicken

Frequently Clucked Questions

Still have some questions flapping around about KFC’s bold new Orange Chicken before sinking your teeth in? Here’s the tea:

Is KFC’s Orange Chicken spicy?

Great question! The OG orange sauce features a gentle warmth from aromatic chili and ginger. Those avoiding heat can ask for no chili version. Or amp it up asking for the Nashville Hot glaze swirled in!

What’s the orange sauce made of?

The top-secret orange sauce contains orange juice concentrate, spices like ginger and garlic, brown sugar likely for sweetness and texture, chili for mild heat, and more herbs and flavors.

Will Orange Chicken stick around?

As a newer menu innovation, Orange Chicken is being billed as a limited-time offering…for now! But KFC may just keep this crispy, saucy new chicken if it proves crazy popular with customers.

What sauce pairs best with Orange Chicken?

While delicious solo, signature KFC sauces complement the citrus flavors wonderfully. Cool Ranch, Honey BBQ and even gravy take this chicken to new heights. Added bonus – the sauce soaks into the craggy coating!

Be bold, be daring, and be the first to try KFC’s finger-lickin’ flavor remix with new Orange Chicken. With zesty citrus notes playing against aromatic spice and their crispiest chicken ever, your tastebuds are in for a wildly exciting ride. Race to the nearest KFC and get saucy!

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